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5gb Online Storage with OpenDrive for FREE

It’s become customary lately for online backup services to provide 2GB of free backup space, Mozy, SugarSync, Dropbox, ElephantDrive and Carbonite all provide 2GB of free storage space, no strings attached.

And 2GB of free storage space is great.

However OpenDrive offers 5GB of FREE storage space, they boast over 1 million users so you can be certain that they can be trusted, similarly to SugarSync, opendrive offers files synchronisation so that you can synchronise your files between multiple computers, say for instance your laptop and your desktop computer.

All files are transferred over a secure SFTP connection so if there are any malicious parties trying to eavesdrop into your connection, they will not get acces to your files.

What we like paticularly about opendrive is the ability to edit your files online, say for instance if you are sitting in an internet cafe away from your computer you can edit it live onto your online storage and the changes made to your files will be synchronised to your laptop and desktop computers.

Another great feature OpenDrive has is the ability to share your files with other users, for single files via a direct link and even entire folders, so you can share specific photo collections to certain users for instance.

So go ahead, give opendrive a try, and be sure to check out our reviews of other providers in the online backup reviews page.

3 Responses to “5gb Online Storage with OpenDrive for FREE”

  1. Nebby says:

    Well, it’s good to have a secure backup generally, it’s the most vital feature I first look into. I do alternate backups online but I don’t use any of the mentioned in your post. They offer 3GB free trial for life. The set up is simplified, sharing is great and secure. oh my! what can I say; am happy with;

  2. “…they boast over 1 million users so you can be certain that they can be trusted…”

    Since when is the number of customers you have a measure of how trustworthy you are? And ‘boasting’ is not proof of the number of customers.

    It’s certainly no measure of security…what the number of customers tells you is that their marketing plan is pretty good.

    Just as in anything from politics to education to banking, popularity is a poor measure of value.

  3. Sheldon Bardach says:

    I am looking forward, and have for some time, using the cloud for storage. I can’t wait to get started.


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