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Great Tools to Manage and Synchronise Your Life

If you work with computers, which includes the overwhelming majority of people, you probably remember the time when you left a vital spreadsheet or file on your home computer when you urgently needed it at work, for instance.

This was a fairly common occurrence for people who work on multiple computers, in different locations. However, there are some new and fantastic tools out there that can help manage your files and distribute them across all your devices automatically, so if you update a file on your laptop, the file is quickly sent to your iPhone and home computer in a matter of seconds.


SugarSync is a versatile online backup service whose main selling point is the ability to synchronise your data, SugarSync uses a taskbar application which runs on the background and uploads files onto the SugarSync servers as soon as you edit them. They are then downloaded by another other PCs you’ve set up to run SugarSync

Simply put, it enables users to start a document on a desktop computer, walk away and open your laptop and carry on from where you left off. It’s that easy. The only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Users will need to select which folders they wish to synchronise, initially this can be tricky, but once set up, SugarSync manages all the transfers automatically. For one off transfers, you can drop files on the “Magic Briefcase” and it will be transmitted across all devices. SugarSync’s paid accounts start at 30GB for $50, it also has 5GB free accounts, which you can use indefinitely, and is a great way to test out the service.

The downside is that SugarSync’s storage quotas for its paid plans are limited, for instance Mozy allows 50GB online backup space, Carbonite allows unlimited storage. Though, the key difference here is that SugarSync has far superior synchronization ability and is designed for small documents rather than large media files.

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Other noteworthy competitors

There are other services out that there offer closely matched services.

Dropbox is a popular service, and is widely recommended in the social media sphere; thanks to its generous “refer a friend and get more storage” scheme. Dropbox has great synchronisation abilities, also supports Linux which is rare for online backup providers.

OpenDrive is a much lesser known online backup service, but has very similar features to SugarSync, included 5GB free accounts.

Synchronise your notes

For people who like make do lists and take notes, a great iPhone app to use is SimpleNote, it has a free ad supported version, and a paid version for $3. It stores all the notes on your device and synchronises with the web server. The neat thing about SimpleNote is that you can access your notes, almost on the fly, using your computer. Have a shopping list? Easy fill out the list on your laptop, and then check off your list from you iPhone in the supermarket.

Do you suddenly get a dash of inspiration in the loo or in the metro? No problem, jot it down in SimpleNote, and it will be available on any computer for you to expand on later.

Quit Playing email tennis.

Ever had a situation where you’re working away from a colleague and you’re endlessly making minor edits to a file and sending it back and forth to each other? It can get pretty confusing right? Turn to the cloud, use Google docs to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, all changes are tracked, and you can flick through previous versions of files and see how the file has evolved. What’s particularly amazing, or spooky depending on your disposition, is that you can actually see the characters appear on the document, live as the other person is typing. It frees up my inbox of having countless copies of the same file saved on there, which becomes tricky to locate later on. Google Docs simply places one file in one location, accessible from anywhere and anyone you choose.

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