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Mozy Online Backup Review

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Mozy Review Summary


  • 50GB online backup on basic plan
  • Mac and PC support
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption, same as many online banks,
  • Bandwith trottleing to backup at certain times of the day
  • Automatic backups
  • Access to DVD restore for faster restoration
  • 30 day version history for all backups


  • No synchronisation service
  • No support for mobile apps


Mozy has lost it’s edge as the best online backup provider after they removed unlimited storage allowances, however they are still competitively priced and offer a host of great features.

For anyone looking for a suitable online backups service for their needs will undoubtably come across glowing reviews and ratings for Mozy, and tha’s not without reason. For one thing, Mozy is owned by EMC corporation, a fortune 500 company. And have bases all over the world. Founded in 2005, Mozy is the world’s biggest and trusted online backups service for home use and for small business use. Mozy boasts about storing over 25 petabytes of data, that’s a whopping 1 BILLION megabytes of data.

50GB Storage

What most appealing for Mozy as a home backup service is the fact that it offers 50GB storage price for a low fee of $5.99 which you can use to store your music, videos, downloads, documents and games. For online backup, 50GB is ample space to store all your essential files.


Protect Your BusinessMozy is extremely simple to use, just download the software, enter your login information and pick the folders you want to backup, and the software will do the rest, no complicated setup procedures or tricky installations, just install select your options and away you go

Encryption and Security

If you’re worried about leaking your valuable files to malicious parties, or just other prying eyes in general. You can be safe in the knowledge that all files are sent over a secure SSL encrypted connection and the files are always encrypted on the server, only you as the end user never have to deal with the technicalities because all decoding is done behind the scenes.

Bandwidth Throttling

To save on choking out your internet connection Mozy will ensure that your internet connection is only used when it’s idle, what this means that Mozy will deliberately slowdown its upload when you are using the internet quite intensively, however when you are away from your computer Mozy will be busy uploading your files to keep them safe and secure.

Priced at $5.95 per month for the Basic package you get automatic scheduled backups, Support via tickets, file encryption during transfer and storage, bandwidth throttling and advanced web share.

With the Mozy Pro account you get server support, Network drive support, 24 hour phone support, custom domain and centralised administration.

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Love it

Apr 06, 2011 by Julie

I've used MozyHome for 2 weeks, and I started out by experimenting with the free account, but then within a couple of days I upgraded to the full version because 2GB was tiny. What I think? It just works! It does everything you could want it to, and it does it quietly in the background. I emailed Mozy about a problem I was having and they responded back within 24 hours with the answers I needed. I've even referred a few of my friends to Mozy

Funnily enough is that for something that's supposed to be technical and geeky is actually quite fun, before I had to copy files onto usb and transfer it across, which can be tedious, now it's nice to just hit save on my imac and then wait a few seconds and witness the file being uploaded by my imac and then downloaded quickly onto my macbook. Although I don't like the time delay with Mozy because it takes a few hours until the next scheduled backup.

Like all online backup, the intial backups takes a long time which is annoying, but the good thing is that it doesn't really slow down my other applications so I can allow it to work in the background, if you have a normal speed connection, you might want to take it to a faster internet location like college or work to quickly upload.

Fantastic service A+++

Feb 16, 2011 by Deli Rancher

Superb free online backup service with world class features. Not just a run of the mill online storage service, but a full BACKUP solution. I wish there were a few more features though, at the moment bandwidth throttling is by time only would prefer week days. But this is just a minor flaw, it's so convenient to have my documents on the cloud and easily accessible from any computer and my iPhone.

Great when it works, poor when it fails

Jan 26, 2011 by Shaz

Mozy itself is fantastic(I roughly pay $10 a month) until you require support. My backup stopped working out of the blue and I needed help to fix it, and Mozy's tech support was very slow to respond. Simply put the technicall support is only available through email, with about 4 days between replies!! So right now, two weeks have gone by, and I'm still waiting for them to fix the problem.

4.3 5.0 3 3 I've used MozyHome for 2 weeks, and I started out by experimenting with the free account, but then within a couple of days I upgraded to the full version because 2GB was tiny. What Mozy

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