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Mozy Stash adds synchronisation ability to it’s service

Mozy just announced the introduction of stash, their synchronisation feature which allows Mozy users to synchronise their most commonly used files instantly. Unlike other backup providers like SugarSync and SOS backup which allow you to synchronise all the data. Mozy seems to be managing this by only allowing users to selectively choose which files and folders to synchronise.

The stash feature has been in private beta testing, I’m guessing it was restricted to staff and other VIP users. They have now released a public beta so all Mozy users can test out the stash feature. Some users may be elated and happy to try out the beta service on their data, me personally, I prefer not to take chances and wait till a final release is out.

This move represents a trend in all backup providers, eventually all will offer instant data synchronisation as a key feature. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of computer users are now using more than one computer. So a feature that allows all your computers to stay updated with all the changes you make to your data is paramount.

Though it should be borne in mind that Mozy isn’t rolling out synchronisation to all folders, rather just for the stash folder.
Mozy users will not be automatically enrolled onto the stash service, they will have to opt in to the public beta of stash by logging into Mozy and clicking Join Now in stash.

Now if the talk of data synchronisation has whetted your appetite, you should check out the backup reviews page for a full rundown of all the backup providers that support data synchronisation.

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