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MyPCBackup Review

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MyPCBackup Review Summary


  • Unlimited storage space
  • Synchronisation ability for multiple computers
  • Ability to sync multiple computers


  • New company, therefore lacks long term user feedback
  • Lacks Mac and Smartphone support
  • Lack of extended features


MyPCBackup is good value for money service that offers unlimited computer backup and unlimited storage space, but needs to be more feature rich to compete with the market leaders

MyPCbackup is a relatively new backup service that launched in 2010, over recent years we’ve seen many backup services launch, but few of them have managed to get our attention like MyPCBackup has.

Straight away, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the service offers some incredible value for money deals. The unlimited storage, with multi computer synchronisation are normally unlikely bedfellows as services either support unlimited storage but with restricted access from additional computers, or offer instantaneous backups across unlimited number of computers but with minimal storage space.

Prices start from $5.95 per annum, which is very competitive, it certainly beats the leading rivals like Carbonite and LiveDrive on price.

During our testing we found the upload speed quite slow, even on our fast internet connection, it took us a while to upload a mere 10MB library of pictures. On the plus side the interface was very easy to use and found it to be intuitive.

The reason for this could be down to the simplicity of the user interface, which ultimately comes down to the fact that MyPCBackup is very basic and doesn’t support many advanced features.

The upload/download file transfer queues cannot be prioritised, which is annoying, because many times you want to prioritise the recovery/backup of your most important files ahead drive fillers.

All in all, I think MyPCBackup has a long way to go to rival the likes to Mozy and SugarSync, but it’s strength lies in the generous storage plans and relatively cheap pricing. With a bit more work on some advanced features, and Mac support, MyPCBackup can be a real showstomper.

Bottom line is, If you just want a value for money online backup plan and aren’t too concerned with advanced features then MyPCBackup should be perfect for you.

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A lot better!

Jan 27, 2012 by Terry

Been with MyPC backup for 3 months now, when I first joined it was a little bit slow, I was thinking it was down to my internet or something so didn't bother about it. Now things are moving a LOT faster. I managed to backup all my documents and then some. Things are smooth, dunno what else to say really. Well chuffed!

not unlimited

Jan 24, 2012 by James

The only thing I didn't like is they are not unlimited they are a fair usage. Which means there is a limit check the bbb complaints before signing up

Bad stuff

Dec 06, 2011 by Ron

In the first 24 hours we spent several hours dealing with tech support. However you can't speak with anyone or even do live chat. Just send e-mails back and forth. I looks like they were experiencing server problems and forgot to let anyone know. Don't waste your money. Stick with Mozy or Carbonite.

Very Good for the money

Nov 10, 2011 by michael

Surfed around for a while and decided to choose mypcbackup as i loved their mobile design for iPhone. So far very happy, backing up all my files as unlimited and suprisingly faster than dropbox. Maybe this is because they are newer as they use Amazon s3 same as dropbox. Would definatly recommend.

3.3 5.0 4 4 Been with MyPC backup for 3 months now, when I first joined it was a little bit slow, I was thinking it was down to my internet or something so didn't bother about it. Now things a MyPCBackup

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