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SOS Online Backup Releases v5

SOS recently stepped up a gear and improved it’s online backup service with new features which will make it even more competitive than it already is. Other backup services need to stop and take a lesson from SOS’s book.

Some of the new features include

  • Facebook backup
  • iPhone/iPad backup
  • Mac support (previously it was PC only)
  • Android support through online app

One of the criticisms that I made about SOS a few months ago when I first reviewed the software is that SOS seemed to be designed for advanced or experienced computer users.

It’s nice to see now that SOS has probed deeper into this and released a much more user friendly backup service which will be more accessible to more computer users.

Facilities like the 3 click setup will allow users to install and get the service up and running very quickly. You can also simply accept the default settings and have your data and music automatically backed up. This can be a hairy process if you’re not adept with where the files are saved and stored by default in your computer.

They have also upgraded the versioning limit, many backup services only keep 30 day version history or worse 5 versions of files. Which can be used up very quickly when you save your work frequently. SOS is different it will keep copies of all versions, right from the moment you created the file. In theory for a standard word document this could mean anything up to and over 100 changes.

There are all sorts of fantastic features which has got me all excited. For a full and comprehensive review read the [now updated] SOS online backup review page.

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