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SugarSync now offers 5GB free to all account holders

SugarSync has decided to break the mould and offer 5GB of free online storage space, which is a big increase from the previous 2GB it was offer previously. Dropbox and Mozy on the other hand still offer the usual 2GB data allowance.

This is certainly competitive, and I suspect that as data storage technology improves we’re only going to see higher storage space being offered.

In addition to the storage capacity increase, SugarSync is removing the restriction of 2 computers per free account, so now you can synchronise an unlimited amount of data per free user. This means that if you have multiple laptops and computers you can easily synchronise your accounts across all of them.

The free account is great for users who have a small range of files required for backup, more advanced users with more important data needed to safeguard against viruses, crashes and data loss are advised to go fot the 35GB pro account.

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