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Laptop thief tracked down by victim and revenge to follow

We’ve heard of stupid burglers who leave the cellphones behind, thieves who brag about stealing stuff on youtube, but this must be a first, a thief who actually takes videos of himself to upload onto youtube, using a laptop he just stole, which is then traced by the victim using an online backup service.

The victim is Mark Bao, quite the computer geek, around two months after the burglary he began noticing some access points into his cloud storage account using his previously owned macbook air, he set up the laptop to update all the users files and settings, including browsing history.

After careful investigation of the changes made, he came across the thief’s twitter page and also some youtube video recordings on the hard drive. Here is the video in question:

In addition to this Bao traced the thief down on facebook, from the browsing history, and managed to get a hold of his full name and other personal information, due to the fact that he had over 9 different mutual friends.

The video and the news picked up storm on the internet, and eventually the thief found out and returned the laptop back to Bao, although Bao still plans on exacting revenge, which nobody knows what form it will take place; except for Bao.

The video already received more than a million hits, and is likely to keep on growing. The thief also appears to be a student at the same university, which will probably mean that he will get thrown out of campus

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