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Mozy Ditches Unlimited Plan and Hikes Prices

Mozy Ditches Unlimited Plan and Hikes Prices

It’s taken the online storage and cloud computing world by storm. The most successful and most popular online storage service finally pulls the plug on it’s unlimited plan.

Many think tanks in the industry such as Rob Cosgrove commented on the fact that the Mozy promise for unlimited storage was unsustainable, and was a major loss leader for them in an attempt to win over subscriptions and market share to reap the profits several years down the line. Online storage, much like bank accounts are rarely changed once you find a service you’re comfortable with, even if an alternative provider has better features.

It’s unclear what the hundreds of articles and videos on the web promoting the Mozy “unlimited online backup” promise will do, my guess is that much like anything related to the web, the content will stick for several years to come.

Russ Stockdale of Mozy commented that since their launch over 5 years ago, they simply haven’t anticipated the exponential growth in hi def media, and the internet speeds capable of transmitting large amounts of data so quickly. Because of that it’s become increasingly unsustainable to keep up the promise of unlimited sotrage.

Rob Cosgrove, CEO of Remote Backup Systems says such moves by Mozy is a welcome relief for them as he regards the promise as empty, and only possible due to the huge financial backing they have from investors who were prepared to sink a lot of money in upgrading equipment and capacity, and to heavily promote the service to make it available for all.

However Mozy is still offering reasonably priced packages starting from $5.99 per month for 50GB of data, and going on top of that will cost you $2 per month per 20GB of data over capacity.

Mozy is kind enough to phase in the new price plans for existing customers, they’ll remain on the old plan until their subscription expires, new customers will sign up straight onto the new plans.

For many power users who have relentlessly uploaded large amounts of files over the years it may mean a huge scale down of usage, or migration to another “unlimited” online backup provider.

My take on this is that the promise of “unlimited” online backup was just a very attractive proposal for subscribers, it meant they didn’t have to budget their data allowance and upload as much as they needed.

However, such providers were secretly aware that internet upload speeds for home users are capped or heavily restricted, meaning that they’d never come close to uploading anything substantial.

With the advent of super fast internet speeds, and increasingly large files from hidef media, Mozy has to rethink it’s promise.

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Cool Mozy advert

Cool Mozy advert

For more information, don’t forget to visit the Mozy website

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Why Cloud Online Storage Will Reign Supreme

Why Cloud Online Storage Will Reign Supreme

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years you’ll realise that the internet has finally arrived!, The internet now stands side by side with the television in almost every living room, and the internet even becoming the MAIN entertainment device. Think Pandora, Netflix, BBC world service, Perez Hilton, UFC.com; we have more choice and freedom thanks to super fast internet speeds. Read the full story

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Mozy Online Backup Review

Mozy Online Backup Review

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Mozy Review Summary


  • 50GB online backup on basic plan
  • Mac and PC support
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption, same as many online banks,
  • Bandwith trottleing to backup at certain times of the day
  • Automatic backups
  • Access to DVD restore for faster restoration
  • 30 day version history for all backups


  • No synchronisation service
  • No support for mobile apps


Mozy has lost it’s edge as the best online backup provider after they removed unlimited storage allowances, however they are still competitively priced and offer a host of great features.

Read the full story

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Unlimited Online Storage Services

Unlimited storage services are extremely helpful, particularly people who use large amounts of data, for video editing, movies and other large media files. Unlike backup services that offer limited storage space, with unlimited online storages services you do not have to worry about running out of space and managing which files get upload and which don’t you can simply set your entire drive to back up, and the service will take care of the rest.

There are three great services which over unlimited online storage space, namely Mozy, Livedrive and Keepit. Read the full story

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The Best Online Backup Services

The Best Online Backup Services

From all of our testing we’ve come to the conclusion that the best online backup service is SugarSync, and to tell you the truth it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Because there’s no single online backup provider that scores highly on all areas, usually there are pros and cons with every service, and it’s up to you to decide which services suit your needs best. Read the full story

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5 Great Offsite Backup Solutions

We are going to review five of the best offsite backup solutions, and in case you were wondering what offsite backups are, they’re a great way to safeguard or backup your data in a way so that your files are stored on a separate location to where you are situated. Offsite backup can be both done physically such as making tape backups and moving them to a seperate location, as well as data transfer to the cloud via the internet. The most common ways to implement offsite backup solutions is the latter and in this article we are going to discuss offsite backup solutions onto the cloud environment.

In no particular order our introductions to the 5 best offsite backup solutions. Read the full story

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Top Online File Backup methods

Top Online File Backup methods

Gone our the days of mechanical hard drives and zip drives and the Online File Backup methods are here.

Due to the increasing use of the internet and the faster internet connections it’s now a realistic option to undertake all of your backups on a remote web server through your internet connection. Although for smaller backups USB thumb drives are a great option and so are larger high capacity external flash drives.
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