The Best Online Backup Services

From all of our testing we’ve come to the conclusion that the best online backup service is SugarSync, and to tell you the truth it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Because there’s no single online backup provider that scores highly on all areas, usually there are pros and cons with every service, and it’s up to you to decide which services suit your needs best.

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There are numerous criterias we’ve looked at to determine the best online backup service, the most obvious of which are storage space, speed of data transfer and ease of use. One top of that we’ve looked at cross compatibility between operating systems, synchronisation and mobile support.

When we put all of the research together there wasn’t a clear winner, our personal favourite was SugarSync as it’s ideal for users who don’t use too much data, it has numerous storage plans at 30GB, 60GB, 100GB and 250GB each one going up in price obviously. However many users will find these data allowances restrictive in which case Carbonite offers unlimited storage, which makes it a natural choice if you want unlimited storage, as long as you only back up one computer, as you will need to buy another subscription for every computer you back up.

In the end, we had to make sacrifices, we knew that with SugarSync we couldn’t upload all our media files, but the synchronization, unlimited computer support and easy mobile access allows you to easily overlook the data storage limitations. But what really did it for us was the fact that SugarSync was so fast, literally from the moment you save a file, SugarSync is busy working away uploading the file onto online storage and quickly downloading the files onto your other computers. It’s so good at this in fact that I could work back and forth between my laptop and desktop, and as a web designer this is very important for me, as I have different computers with different setups and I need to be able to see how web pages look on different computers.

Honourable mention goes to Mozy, while offering a far more generous storage limit of UNLIMITED data, and quite frankly how can you beat unlimited, other than matching it? We found that Mozy lacked some of the advanced features like web restore, versioning etc. That we have come to love and admire about SugarSync.

Just remember though, online backup isn’t entirely “backup” make sure to take periodic physical backups as well.

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  1. Jay says:

    This is a good article, with so many choices out there it~~~s hard to know if you are choosing the right backup or the best deal. I know that a lot of people are going with Mozy, by I actually went with Carbonite since there is no storage limit, and I can backup as much data as I want

  2. Rick Bradley says:

    The SOS Online Backup solution utilizes 11 data centers across multiple continents, military-grade security and comes with unparalleled customer support.

    SOS Online Backup is now offering unlimited consumer and business backup plans for customers! Unlimited Business Backup for just $39.95/month and Unlimited Consumer Backup plans for just $4.95 per month more info here


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