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Unlimited Online Storage Services

Unlimited storage services are extremely helpful, particularly people who use large amounts of data, for video editing, movies and other large media files. Unlike backup services that offer limited storage space, with unlimited online storages services you do not have to worry about running out of space and managing which files get upload and which don’t you can simply set your entire drive to back up, and the service will take care of the rest.

There are three great services which over unlimited online storage space, namely Mozy, Livedrive and Keepit.

Now how do these services compare?


Mozy claims to be the most secure, feature rich and inexpensive backup service in the world.candy mmmmm!Consumers may choose Mozy Free or Mozy Unlimited. Mozy Free offers 2 GB of automatic, secure online backup for free. Mozy Unlimited offers unlimited, secure, reliable online backup for $4.95 a month. Both services allow consumers to perform an unlimited number of restores via the web or Windows Explorer.


Livedrive is an innovative online storage provider, offering unlimited storage space to their customers, simple one click backup, and the ability to access files from anywhere.

Livedrive has two products

  • Livedrive Backup – lets users protect their files with one click with unlimited online backup. Once files are backed up, users can view their files from anywhere using our secure web portal.
  • Livedrive Backup and Briefcase – all of the features of the Livedrive Backup product, but with Livedrive Briefcase too. Livedrive Briefcase adds a virtual drive to your PC – an L: drive. Which can be used just like a normal drive but your files are synced online. Install it on multiple PCs, and the files on the L: drive are the same on every PC – seemless, easy to use cloud storage.


Keepit will automatically do a backup every day without requiring you to do anything. Your computers default folders are automatically backed up – and you can easily add and remove folders to be included in your backup.

4 Responses to “Unlimited Online Storage Services”

  1. Mark says:

    Great post.Mozy nolonger offers unlimited backup services but it still remains a good backup system.And i think Backblze would have been included above because they offer unlimited backup service.

  2. Rick Bradley says:

    SOS Online Backup is now offering unlimited consumer and business backup plans for customers! Unlimited Business Backup for just $39.95/month
    and Unlimited Consumer Backup plans for just $4.95 per month! Click here for more info

  3. jimmyswim says:

    Yeah Mozy is a bit of a letdown, their unlimited plan was good, now they only offer a paltry 50GB

  4. Splatus says:

    Outdated. Mozy does not offer unlimited storage. They also more than doubled their price. For 150GB they now charge US$ 250 / year. They are totally nuts. Also, Mozy does NOT back up from external drives. Thats another charge. Needless to say – goodbye


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